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 Outsourcing of Accounting, a 100% Profitable Approach.

Financial and accounting outsourcing is a service offered by ProAudit to clients who want to optimize their margins and want to focus on their core business service.

Outsourcing involves contracting all or part of the process of managing a task to an accountant specialist, and may involve the following activities:

• Accounting for sales operations
• Procurement operations
• Bank reconciliations
• Establishment of pay slips
• Preparation of statements transfers
• Compilation of data and creation of dashboards
• Financial Reporting etc.

Thanks to our move away from written statements into a digital infrastructure, we are able to offer efficient and high quality services in processing, analyzing, and backing up your data.

In addition, we offer our clients services from highly qualified experts (masters-level) operating remotely on our clients’ software platforms and working under their supervision, so that we can accommodate peak activity periods.